Friday, 1 August 2008

You are An Angel!

The first thought I had when I woke up yesterday morning was: "You're an angel!"

Yes, I am an angel, I thought. I believe we are all angels, messengers of Love.

Later in the evening I caught the bus to Victoria Station intending to catch my bus home from there. Instead of terminating where he was meant to, the driver went down a particular street, stopped the bus, and announced he was terminating right there, a few minutes walk from the station.

"This is not Victoria Station!" I said out loud.

When I came down I was going to ask the driver why he hadn't taken us to the station but I let it go. I knew there had to be a very good reason why I was taking this detour.

As I walked to the station I noticed this woman with a black butterfly ring, which was pretty and very unusual. I held her hand so I could have a closer look. I told her how much I liked it, which made her smile. Well some good has come out of having to walk to the station. I wouldn't have noticed that lady's ring otherwise.

As I approached the bus station I saw my bus was just leaving. It was only going part of the way anyway. I caught the one behind that was going to my destination. When we got to Oxford Street, the shopping capital of London, this passenger sat beside me. I noticed she had some bags from a shop that is renowned for cheap clothes, and is very busy. I asked her if she'd enjoyed her shopping. She said although she got what she wanted, she was never going there again as it was too much hassle.

My friend offered me a chewing gum which I accepted. She said she used to live in London but moved away years ago. She now lives in a peaceful little village near Gatwick. She said she'd forgotten how chaotic London can be, overcrowded and expensive. She asked me where I lived and how long it takes me to travel by bus. I said it would take me about 1 and a half hours. She couldn't believe I would travel on a bus for that long. Why don't I catch the tube which is a lot faster. I told her that I find travelling on buses relaxing. I can spend the time either meditating or pondering on ideas which I write about. I also get to meet lovely people like her during my travels. She asked me what I write about and I told her that I document all the wonder and love in my every day experiences.

My friend said she was down in London for a hospital appointment. She was a bit apprehensive as she knows what the doctor is going to tell her is not going to be good news. She said she has a son and wants to be around for him. I said the way I see it, a doctor can only give an opinion or model. It is up to her whether she accepts it as truth or reject it. I told her she was loved. I promised to keep her in my thoughts and send her lots of love. She asked me to send love around the time of her appointment.

Before my friend got off the bus, she told me she loved my vibe. She also said she believed God had sent me to speak to her. We exchanged hugs and kisses and I wished her well.

So that's why my bus journey was slightly delayed, so I could be an angel to my friend.

On my way home, the following passage from the Bible came to mind:

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46: 1

No matter what the doctor says to my friend, I know God/Love is always present; and Love is making her whole.

No matter what fear is being projected out as soaring cost of fuel and food bills, recession, disasters etc, only Love is present; and Love is supplying all my needs.

All things work out perfectly for good.
I trust in Love

Angel Enocia

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