Friday, 22 August 2008

What is Stamina?

The other day I took a walk with a friend. When I saw her yesterday she said it had taken her two days to recover from our walk, which made me laugh. I teased her that we'd only walked down the road. I said I can walk for miles and not get tired. She said she's not like me, she needs time to recover.

Hmmm, and there was I planning to take her to my favourite park. I'd better scrap that idea then.

Later I got thinking about stamina. Is it possible I can walk for miles without getting tired because I have the stamina for it?

Do me a favour! I don't even have the stamina to wash the dishes without feeling exhausted, let alone going on long hikes. What helps me is I let God do everything.

Letting God do everything is rather like getting in a car and being driven to my destination. I'm hardly going to feel tired when I'm not doing any work, am I?

God doesn't play favourites. We can all ask for God's infinite power to express through us.

I have no stamina, I have God.


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