Friday, 15 August 2008

Wake Up Call

As my mother and I were walking to the bus stop, we noticed a woman who lives in the neighbourhood. She said hello and walked behind us. I presumed she was going to catch the same bus as us. As we approached the bus stop, I asked her how she was. She said she wasn't feeling well and was in a lot of pain. She said people with arthritis don't get a look in. She even heard it on the news that they were bottom in the list of the medical priority. She mentioned a neighbour whom she feels sorry for because she's in the same predicament. In thought I blessed her with love. I could see her attention was directed at my mother and tried to draw her in but mum was having none of it. Other people waiting at the stop remained silent. When our bus arrived, I sat in front beside my mother and the woman sat at the back, on her own.

Since I've known this woman, she's been talking about her aches and pains. Whenever I've travelled on the bus with her, I've always wished her well. She's told me how much she likes being around me. The next time I see her she's back in the same frame of mind. I've heard people in the neighbourhood avoid her because they find her depressing to be around.

I believe every single moment there is a Voice of Love who is constantly reminding us of our identity as beings of love and light, and for us to wake up from our dreams. The Voice also speaks through others. But if you're too focused on dreaming of pain or identifying yourself as pain, you're not going to be open to hear the Voice of Love.

The good news is Love never gives up on anyone. I believe our neighbour is constantly receiving love to help wake her up from her dream.

Love and light to all.


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