Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Taking Command

There is a new Reality TV show on television called Maestro, where eight celebrities compete for a place to conduct an orchestra at the BBC Proms in September 2008 in front of 30,000 people. Over the next few weeks, the students will be trained how to conduct an orchestra. Each week the contestants will have to apply what they've learned so far and conduct an orchestra in front of some judges; and one will be eliminated until the final winner is decided.

In the first episode I watched last night, the contestants were given the task to listen to several classical music and were then allocated one to conduct. This gave them an idea about how it feels to conduct. Then each contestant was allocated a mentor to train them. They also went through different training regimes. Finally, the contestants conducted an orchestra in front of the experts.

Even though I know nothing of conducting or about classical music, I could tell which of the conductors were good and which ones needed a lot of work. One conductor was very good technically but she didn't seem to be conducting from the heart; so the music lacked flair. The contestant who was the most outstanding not only took command, he was enjoying himself which inspired the musicians to have fun and perform at their best.

The contestant who was eliminated couldn't control the orchestra at all. Because he wasn't in command, the music was all over the place and it was painful to listen to. His interaction with the musicians reminded me of the odd occasion when I've tried to train a cat to do stuff. The cat has either ignored me or walked away.

I believe that in order to be in control of my life experience, I have to be like a conductor who is in command, can direct how and when a musician plays, and knows how to bring out the best in each performer. I have found this kind of control cannot be achieved at the human level, which can only see part of the story. It has to come from that place of Being, my True Self, the all knowing and all loving presence within. I can then surrender to the True Self and let her guide me knowing that all is working out for good.

Hurrah for the BBC for providing a masterpiece of a show! I can't wait to see how all the contestants develop in the show.


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