Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Secret of Eternal Youth - Revisited

While I was travelling on the bus I noticed a boy getting on with his mother. It's difficult to tell how old he was, as he was taller than his mother, but I guessed he was around ten or eleven. There was something very serene about him. He didn't seem to have a care in the world. Another thing that struck me about him was his angelic features. His face was utter perfection. I could see him as a child model; and with his features, there wouldn't be any need for them to airbrush his photographs. He sat down and his mother remained standing until they reached their stop.

I've seen lots of kids with that similar serene expression as that boy. A lot of babies have it and they look so peaceful and full of joy. Is it any wonder kids look so peaceful when a lot of them don't have a care in the world? I'm reminded of Jesus’ teaching in the Bible:

Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18: 3

Does this mean we are to simply focus on being playful, doing only what we love, and avoid taking on responsibilities?

As a child I was taught there was a time to work and a time to play. If given a choice I would have chosen daydreaming, reading, sleeping, watching television and playing over school any time. However, I was taught that life comes with responsibilities such as going to school, doing household chores, and taking care of our pets. The rest of the time was for sleeping, eating and playing.

As adults, we're meant to be responsible citizens, perform our civic duties, contribute our talents to society, be obedient to the laws of society, and bring up kids who will form tomorrow's society. If you can find the time you can squeeze in your hobbies and spend time with friends and loved ones. In the meantime, while you're busy being responsible citizens, all that angelic beauty and joy you had as a child is replaced by worry lines, weight gain, hair loss and wrinkles.

Back to the quote from the Bible, what does Jesus really mean that unless we become like children we cannot enter the "kingdom of heaven." Where is this "kingdom of heaven" anyway? I believe the kingdom is simply an inner state when I'm expressing my True Self as love, peace, wisdom, harmony, joy, abundance etc. It's a life that is lived with ease, joy and wonder, just like kids. In the kingdom there is no room for worry.

But how can I follow my joy when I've got responsibilities and commitments? Surely in order to be in joy, I need to have the financial freedom to do so.

Let's look at what "responsibility" means for me.

I only have one real responsibility which is to shine my Light or express my Love. No one can express my Light but me. My light is the way I express my talent; my piece of the human jigsaw.

In order to shine my light I have to let go of the need for control and trust that the ONE who has called me to shine my Light has already provided the ways and means for me to express myself. This means being like a child who has no real responsibilities apart from household chores. The child doesn't worry about his health, shelter, clothes, education, career etc, because he knows that they are always going to be met anyway. The child is free to be himself.

In the same respect, as a child of the Universe, all I have to do is express my Joy and trust that the Father/Mother Universe who knows my needs and what I'm here to achieve will meet them accordingly. In other words, I am to take "no thought" about: my career path; my relationships; where I should live; my finances; my health; all areas of my life. I am to simply trust in my all-loving, all-wise, and all-powerful Cosmic Parents to take charge of all areas of my life. My only responsibility is to be open for the Universe to express through me as my unique talent(s) to the human experience.

Imagine a reality where you're no longer in control of anything? Imagine a life where Infinite Power is doing everything on your behalf. In other words, letting the Infinite Power do the work whether I am writing, cleaning, cooking, having a shower, walking, eating...everything. Imagine a life where all your burdens have been lifted. When you live a life without the cares of the world, you're bound to look as angelic as that boy I saw on the bus.

The secret of eternal youth is to stop trying to control your life by using force or mental means but to let Spirit take over. Then people start to wonder why you're looking so young. Some even ask you to share your beauty tips. You smile and say, "I don't have any beauty tips, I simply let God take care of the details."


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