Sunday, 24 August 2008

On Being a Blessing - Revisited

As much as I love chocolate, I do find that once I've satisfied my urge, I feel a bit empty. Sometimes I find that instead of spending 60 pence on a bar of chocolate, I would rather spend double the price on a packet of sweets and share them with others. This way, I get to milk the pleasure for all it's worth.

So I was thinking of getting a packet of sweets from my favourite food shop so I could share them with people I meet along the way. The next day a friend I met in the library, gave me a birthday card and in the card was a voucher for the same food shop. Good, my prayer has been answered.

I bought some toffees to share with my mother and with people I meet on my bus journeys. It's quite interesting how people react when you give something away for free. Some of them smile and say no thanks. Some tell me they don't eat sweets.

When I gave a bus driver some he said to me: "I don't know what I've done to deserve it."

I said, "You don't have to have done anything."

I mean, if God only blessed someone based on their good behaviour, I'll have a long wait to receive something from God.

One guy I offered some refused then offered me an unopened packet of mints. Just as I was going to open it and hand it back, he told me to keep the packet. I've heard it said that what you give is multiplied, that was the fastest multiplication I've ever witnessed. As the mints are a tad too strong for my liking, I gave them to my mother.

Later at the bookshop, I offered a customer a toffee and we ended up chatting about his career in catering where he used to work in restaurants that were frequented by celebrities. He's off work at the moment after an accident and thinking of launching his catering career. He even offered to buy me coffee but I declined as it was getting late.

On the way home, a guy sat next to me and I shared some sweets with him and he turned out to be the most interesting Christian! I've ever spoken to.

As I walked home, I saw my young friend who lives in the neighbourhood. After we'd hugged, I offered her some sweets. She said, "Thanks, I'll have two." That's what I love about my friend -she has no qualms about accepting gifts because she knows she's blessed.

I am infinitely blessed.
I am infinite blessings.


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