Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Now That's Entertainment!

A week ago a new Reality TV show called Maestro where eight celebrities are being trained to become conductors and the winner will conduct an orchestra at Proms in the Park in a few weeks.

I have to say this series is pure genius on two levels. One, it's another opportunity to demonstrate that it needn't take years to accomplish a particular skill. All it takes is discipline, focus and the willingness to nurture that particular talent within.

On the next level, conducting symbolise how the ONE conducts the movement of universe. In last night's programme, the two contestants who I thought were outstanding showed how you have to be one with what you are doing. Goldie was so at one with the Energy of the orchestra and the music; and as he pulled the Energy back and forth the orchestra moved with him. I even felt myself moving with all of them. Sue Perkins was also brilliant the way she took command at such a fast tempo.

It seems to me that we always conducting anyway. For instance, people communicate by gesticulation, facial expressions and body language, which is another way of conducting the flow of the conversation.

Thank you, BBC, for such an excellent programme! It's definitely the crème de la crème of Reality TV shows.


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