Thursday, 21 August 2008

Love is All in All - Part 2

Is there such a reality as evil or does evil exist if one believes in evil?

I believe in the allness of God/Love i.e. because God/Love exists in all time, all space, and all realities, there is no room for anything unlike God. However, I've also experienced that there are realities that oppose God's allness and love. That which opposes Love is what I consider to be evil.

How is it possible for there to be any reality that opposes God's love such as fear when God exists everywhere?

The way I see it, that which opposes God is a nothing but can feel very real. It's rather like going into a dark room and switching on the light which gets rid of the darkness. That which opposes God is the equivalent of a shadowy nothing.

What is this shadowy nothing and how does it manifest in every day experience?

The purpose of the shadow is to distract from the truth of reality of God's love, light and allness. The world as we experience it is full of shadows, that's why there are disasters, wars and the likes. Shadows feed off people's fears and misperceptions of Truth.

I remember once when I was with my then boyfriend. When we came across his friend I'd never met before, he didn't introduce us. Because I was feeling insecure about our relationship, I read this as a sign that he wasn't prepared to acknowledge our relationship in public. I went through a lot of emotions at the time. After his friend had left, I asked him why he hadn't introduced us. He said he couldn't remember his friend's name. The moment I heard the truth, all the emotions were dissolved. As you can see, my perception of the situation was the nothing, a shadow, trying to distract me from the truth of my boyfriend's love.

On my way home on the bus yesterday evening, I felt this immense love and gratitude for everything and everyone. I was very aware that there was no other but Love/God. I even hummed a song I had made up as a reminder of My Beloved/Love's omnipresence. As I walked home I continued to hum the song.

When I arrived home, I noticed the living room was partly in darkness and my mother was in the kitchen. I said hello and asked her how she was. Then I went to the bathroom. When I switched on the light and looked at myself in the mirror, I could only see part of my face. This can't be happening, there is only Love here. Yet my vision got worse and I had a feeling I was about to experience a migraine.

I told mum how I was feeling. I went to sit in the living room and closed my eyes. I continued to pray reminding myself that God is all in all and that this experience is not of God.

Another symptom I used to have with a migraine was that I would have temporary amnesia i.e. I would only have awareness but have no comprehension about things and couldn't engage in a conversation. If you were to ask me what 1+1 was I couldn't tell you because I wouldn't know what numbers were. Nor could I even pray because I wouldn't know what prayer was. This time, I continued to realise God's presence: God is all in all. I could hear the television in the background and could understand what was being said. When my mother asked me how I was feeling I was able to speak to her without drawing a blank. She asked if I wanted to have some food she'd prepared and I said I would love some.

When I used to have migraines, food would be the last thing on my mind. I would also feel nauseous and even have stomach upset. This time, I was able to eat and finished all the food. After I had finished washing the dishes, I noticed my vision was still impaired so I sat down with my eyes closed and listened to the television. I could feel part of my head throbbing. I decided to have an early night and continued to call on My Beloved and thanked Him for looking after me.

In the middle of the night when I woke up to drink some water, I realised the headache had been dissolved. This morning my mother told me how surprised she was when I'd eaten last night because she remembered how I used to feel when I had migraines.

There is no other power, no other law, no other presence, no other reality but God. Anything unlike God is merely a shadowy nothing trying to distract from the truth of Love.

Love is all in all.


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