Saturday, 16 August 2008

Love Conquers All

I wrote in a piece recently about my Spirit Team members who I'm connected with at Soul level and share a common purpose with. I said the way I know how someone is part of my team is I look for signs like: "colour, numbers, words, sounds, how they express their joy, how I feel when I'm with them, or I listen to my heart." The moment I notice a sign that resonates I know that person is part of my team. Sometimes even when the obvious signs are there, there are apparent obstacles such as belief, tradition, social mores etc that try to get in the way of connecting with one's Spirit Team member. The good news is Love conquers all.

Here's one such example.

I met a friend recently in the library. At first we didn't speak as both of us were focused on what we were doing. One day I had a packet of sweets and I offered her some. After that we started chatting. The day we actually "connected" was on the 8 August 2008. I was very excited on that day because 8 is very significant for me. She said her mother's birthday was on 8 August. I asked her how old she was and she said she was 44. 4 + 4 = 8, which is another sign.

She asked me about what I was writing and I told her. We talked about our beliefs. She's a Christian. I told her I don't follow any religion but believe in God's allness. As we'd had similar upbringing, I was curious to find out more about her. We planned to go out soon to have a proper chat. Yesterday, was the day.

At first my friend couldn't accept my belief in God because, according to her Christian beliefs, the only way to have a full relationship with God is through His son, Jesus Christ. I told her while I do appreciate Jesus' teachings, Christianity is not for me. My friend insisted that I was missing out as God can only be experienced through the Son. I told her she was seeing through a Christian paradigm, a model. All religions have their own paradigms. A paradigm is the equivalent of me seeing the world through a purple filter, while my friend sees through a red filter. As long as we're both seeing through our particular filters, we are not going to fully understand one another. The only way to connect is to let go of our filters.

I took my friend to the Tate Modern a gallery that has a collection of modern and contemporary art. As my friend had never been to that gallery, it was fun to explore this gallery afresh. I asked my friend what type of art she wanted to explore. After looking at some of paintings, we rested on the comfy sofa to have a chat. Then we shared life experiences and what we enjoyed doing. Both of us discovered that in our spiritual "path", we had both gone through a similar process of "stripping."

The stripping process is when you lose everything you hold dear i.e. material possessions, health, relationships, career, home, beliefs and you're feeling down and out. It's a time that can feel very insecure and even frightening. Then God, Love, Spirit, your True Self (or whatever Higher Power you believe in) starts moulding you according to HIS will in order that HE can express HIS purpose through you. During that process you get to realise who you truly are. When people go through this process of stripping, their natural reaction is to either try to fix their old relationships and make things work; or they replace everything they've lost with new stuff, new ideas, new people, new career, new home, etc. While it is natural to replace the old with the new, if what you've replaced the vacuum with is not in harmony with your True Self, you're going to end up back to square one because that incongruence will create the same disturbance where you end up losing everything. It is at that point when people come to a place of complete surrender and obedience to the will of Spirit. Then, and only then, can the True Self/Spirit express as each individual.

My friend told me that ever since she was a child she'd always dreamed of becoming a solicitor. When my friend was one step away from becoming a solicitor the "call" came for her to abandon that path and follow another path. She's now studying occupational health therapy. She says she hasn't got a clue why she has chosen that path. People who don't understand the "stripping" process or are not willing to be obedient to Spirit think she's crazy for giving up on her dream career. I told my friend how I went through a similar process of stripping where I lost everything and had to give up my job, income, relationships, everything and had to come to place of surrender and let God unfold as me. The only thing that has been consistent has been my love for writing, which is now being used to share my experiences about the wonder of life. It's wonderful to meet someone I can discuss this process with who understands; and vice versa.

As we walked back from the gallery, I told my friend that I believed we were meant to meet. I said it was Love that brought us together and it didn't matter that we didn't share the same beliefs. My friend agreed; Love's purpose is to unite not separate.

I look forward to connecting and reuniting with my Spirit Team members, my Real family in love.

Love conquers race, class, culture, religion, creed, doctrines, dogma, tradition and social mores.


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