Friday, 22 August 2008

Love Alerts

A friend asked me today if I could put him on my blog alert so he can be notified every time I post an article on my blog.

It got me thinking of the Infinite Love Alert that I have built within me. I have observed that every time there is an opportunity that I will enjoy, Infinite Love sends me an alert. A lot of the time it's not even something I would even have considered, but Love lets me know anyway, and it always turns out to be wonderful and something I enjoy. Here's one such example.

For the last four years I've been attending Open House London, which is when a lot of buildings that are usually closed to the public are open so people can explore their architecture. I never seem to remember the actual weekend but every time, without fail, I'm alerted when to go.

The first time "Open House London" was brought to my attention was when I was walking past a historical building called House of St Barnabas, which had a long queue of people outside. I asked someone why they were queuing up and I was told there was a guided tour. So I joined them. As the guide was giving us the tour of the house, in my mind's eye I saw a woman with a long skirt tumbling down the stairs. Just at that moment, the guide told us that people in the olden days used to get their skirts caught around the edges. I realised I was seeing the past. I decided to tune out of that reality as I wasn't interested in ghost hunting.

The next time I went to "Open House London" was when someone approached me and asked if I fancied going on a tour of Christopher Wren church buildings in the city of London. (Christopher Wren designed St Paul's Cathedral). I was delighted to join the tour.

Last year while I was travelling on the bus on my way to meet up a friend for lunch, I eavesdropped someone speaking on her mobile about "Open House London," which alerted me that it was taking place on that same day. When my friend and I went to a cafe, we sat next to two women who had an "Open House London" brochure. They told us they had just explored the United Grand Lodge of England building. As neither of us had been there before, my friend and I decided to explore the building, which was very interesting.

Yesterday I noticed a woman with this year's "Open House London" brochure which alerted me that it was coming up soon. Given that it's four weeks away, I was quite surprised I had been alerted so soon. I picked up a brochure to browse. It felt overwhelming going through it as there are so many buildings to see. I decided I was going to trust that the building that wants my attention will make itself known.

Later I went to the bookshop. While I was browsing, I had the "Open House London" brochure beside me. A man sat on the sofa next to me and asked if he could have a look at the brochure as he wanted to check whether the building he works in, The Stables Art Gallery in Neasden, has been listed. It turns out my friend is the manager of that gallery. As I'm not familiar with that area of London, I decided it was worth paying a visit to that building on the day. My friend also recommended other areas of interests in the Neasden area including the Underground Bunker and the Hindu Temple, which is meant to be the largest Hindu temple outside of India. Aha, so that's why I was alerted so soon about "Open House London" so I could connect with my friend at the bookshop.

As my friend and I chatted, I was reminded of another time I'd chatted to him briefly at the bookshop. He had made me laugh. He said he was very fortunate to have had a job doing what he loves; he's an artist, an art teacher and been running the art gallery. He said he's at a point when he's about to retire from his job at the gallery and wants to explore who he is. We chatted about the magic and power of Love. He said he believed Love brought his parents together even though one was Jewish and the other Gentile. He said he's a product of that marriage. We chatted until his partner arrived and joined us on the sofa. She focused on playing crosswords in the newspaper while I continued to chat to her boyfriend. Now and again she asked us to help with her crosswords. My friends even shared some of their chocolates with me. It was lovely to make new friends.

Thank you, Love, for your constant alerts. You always link me up with people I resonate with and introduce me to experiences I love. I can't wait to explore Neasden.


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