Monday, 18 August 2008

Life is a Symphony

I believe life is a symphony that is occurring in infinite movements that lasts for eternity. Infinite Love/the ONE is not only the conductor, HE is the instruments, the musicians, the music being expressed, and the rhythm of the music.

In an orchestra, the conductor can direct the flow and rhythm of music by eye and hand movements, facial expression, and emotions. I believe one way the ONE guides the flow of the Universe is through the use of time. For instance, my date and time of birth was when the Conductor indicated that it was time for me to contribute my own unique tune to the concert. Now and again there are rhythm changes when I'm required to step back and simply enjoy the movement. At the right time, the ONE Cosmic Conductor indicates that it's time to move the tempo of the music. That is when I'm inspired to join in the flow.

Just because there are times when I'm resting doesn't mean I'm not actively participating in the music. As I am part of the Conductor, the music, the musicians and the instruments, I am always participating in the symphony whether I'm playing an instrument or not.

The wonderful thing about the Symphony is that I don't need to be concerned about how it's unfolding, all I have to do is simply know my oneness with the music and trust in the Cosmic Conductor who will always let me know when the tempo is about to change or when to play my instrument.

I'm receiving a sign that the tempo is about to change in my life experience. However the music unfolds, I know it will sound even more wonderful because that's the nature of the symphony - wonder and love.

I am the Symphony.


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