Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Kiss, Kiss - Mwa, Mwa!

A few days ago my mother and I discussed social etiquette; or rather, she gave her opinion about it and I listened. She said she's noticed how people kiss each other's cheeks these days, which is not very British. She said British people used to shake hands now everybody seems to be kissing these days. She believed it's because of the European influence.

I believe it's a sure indication that people are getting more and more open to give and receive love from others outside their immediate family and circle of friends. I would like to see everyone exchanging hugs and kisses whether they know each other or not.

The Universe was obviously eavesdropping because two days later I noticed the following article in the "Guardian" about the very same topic. I passed on that section of the newspaper to my mother to read, which she found hilarious.

Thank you, busybody Universe, for bringing the article to my attention.

Kiss, kiss - mwa, mwa!


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