Thursday, 14 August 2008

Impact - Revisited

When I hopped on my last bus, I noticed it was quite crowded for that time of evening. I wondered if it was because the tube (underground train) wasn't working and passengers were travelling by bus instead.

On this leg of my journey, I usually sit downstairs as it's only four stops to my destination, but there were no seats available. I knew there were seats upstairs but I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs. I decided to stand for the rest of the journey.

At the last stop, which is also a tube station, I heard a member of staff announcing that the tubes were suspended because of a passenger under a train, which is their polite way of saying: someone has attempted or committed suicide by jumping in front of a tube.

As I walked home, I thought of how one person's action affects the whole including the victim's family and friends, the tube driver, the tube driver's friends and family, tube passengers, the underground network, and bus passengers. I sent love to everyone.

Later as I was having a shower, I had the thought: "Is it really true that one person's action can affect everyone?"

It all depends really.

I know how hard it can feel when you lose someone close to you. Yes, in essence we are Love and that never changes. Yes, even if someone appears to die, they are always with you as we are all one in Love. However, when you're used to having a physical relationship with someone, one has to adjust when that relationship changes. Sometimes people feel sad and even have to grieve to get over their loss. When I thought of the victim, I felt sad. I also felt sad for the tube driver. A while back during my bus journey, the bus hit a cyclist. Even though the cyclist was OK, the driver was very upset and I was moved to comfort her. So in that respect, someone's action can affect others.

On the other hand, the only impact the tube passenger's action had on me was the bus was crowded than usual. I could have sat upstairs if I wanted to but I chose to stand. My inner state wasn't affected at all, I was still in my peace. I can't speak for how other passengers were feeling, however.

Back to the question: "Is it really true that one person's action can affect everyone?"

I believe when someone is coming from Love, their act can have a huge impact on the whole; otherwise it's like water off a duck's back.

Love and light to all.


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