Thursday, 21 August 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

During my bus journey I had a vision. I saw that the bus was filled with light beings. Every single space was filled with angelic beings who said they were my helpers. Even the passengers lost their human forms and were simply transparent beings of light.

When I looked outside I saw all space was filled with these light entities. I saw all humans as transparent beings of light. I was given a view into my body and I saw my body was filled with light beings whose roles were to ensure that body works perfectly.

In fact, all time, all space, and all realms is filled with these light beings who are always present. They are here to assist us in our day to day activities and to remind us of who we are as Light.

And another thing, I was shown that when I see people as who they really are as Light, they act as their true selves.

Thank you to all my friends of Light for your love, support, friendships and blessings.


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