Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Freewill? Do Me a Favour!

We're all meant to be experiencing life according to our freewill, aren't we? Is this really true?

Last night I woke up and heard my mother coughing. Even though the door was shut I could still hear her and I felt my sleep was being disturbed. So I realised Love's omnipresence and that there is no other law but that of Love. Then I " sent" her love and wished her a peaceful sleep. She stopped coughing and fell asleep. When I woke up this morning she was still fast asleep which is very unusual for her as she likes waking up early.

You could argue that I was infringing on my mother's freewill. It's her right to be open to beliefs about cold and cough if she wants to. Yes, she has that right. I also have the right to sleep in peace. I'm sure my mother preferred to sleep in peace than spend the night coughing.

Here's another example. When I was on the bus the other day, a man came on and sat behind me. He had a can of beer with him, even though alcohol has been banned on all public transports. He was coughing and he didn't feel pleasant at all, like he was "possessed" or something. Passengers sitting close by swapped seats. I didn't feel like swapping seats. So I affirmed the Truth, as I see it, that Love is all there is. In other words, the man sitting behind me is Love. After that I wasn't bothered by him. He got off a few stops later.

My point is I don't mind people expressing their freewill as long as they're aware that when they enter my "space" they're going to lose their right to freewill and be under the law of Love which transmutes anything that doesn't resonate to match with Love's frequency.


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