Monday, 4 August 2008

Doing What Comes Natural - Revisited

A friend wrote in her email:

It seems that writing comes so easily to you Enocia. I often wonder what I am going to write in reply to people's emails.

Part of my response was:

That's because I love writing and I know that's what I'm meant to be doing now that's why it's easy and it feels natural.

When I'm doing what I love I'm in the flow of the Universe and life is easy and effortless. I meet the "right" people and I'm led to do the "right" things, which are all in harmony with my nature. When I'm not being true to myself i.e. going against my nature, life seems like hard work.

While my mother and I were watching television, she switched the channel to a film called Miss Potter based on the author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter. As I'm not into Beatrix Potter, I was going to read but I had a feeling to watch the film as I was going to find it of great value.

After a lot of rejection, Beatrix Potter's animal stories and illustrations are finally accepted by a publisher, who only accepts her work because he believes they will give his younger brother, Norman, who wants to join the family publishing business, something to do. Norman falls in love with Beatrix's writings and illustrations and together they publish her book, which is very successful. Norman and Beatrix fall in love and Norman proposes marriage. Unfortunately, Beatrix's parents are dead set against the union as they believe Norman is not right for Beatrix, and don't want her rushing into marriage and making a huge mistake. Beatrix insists she's going to marry Norman with or without their blessing. Beatrix and her parents come to an arrangement: she agrees to keep their engagement a secret and spend the summer with her parents in the Lake District, where they usually go most summers. If she still feels the same way about Norman after their time apart, her parents will announce their engagement and they eventually get married.

While they're apart, Beatrix and Norman exchange many love letters and share dreams of their future life together.

One day while Beatrix is out for a walk, she comes across William, a childhood friend, who is now a local solicitor. William tells her the farm he used to live in as a child is now up for sale. Beatrix falls in love with the cottage and dreams of spending time there with Norman. She makes arrangements to purchase the farm.

Alas tragedy strikes. Norman is taken ill and dies shortly after, which leaves Beatrix devastated. She eventually picks herself up and moves to the farm at the Lake District and settles into the cottage. She even employs people to run the farm. When another farm in the area is up for sale, she asks her friend, William, to help her to buy that farm. We are told at the end of the film that Beatrix ends up marrying her childhood friend, William.

Beatrix Potter found her treasures in what she loved doing. Through her love of illustrations and story telling she met Norman who helped publish her first book which made her very wealthy. Although her parents were against her marrying Norman, they did her a favour by suggesting she spends the summer with them at the Lake District, where she discovered her dream home and farm. Even though Beatrix went through the tragic loss of her love, everything worked out for good: she got to live in her dream home, live in an environment she loved, be near animals she loved, produce books and illustrations about her beloved animals, and married her childhood friend whom she had shared her stories with as a child.

When I follow my heart, I am not only doing what comes natural, it is where I find my treasures.


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