Wednesday, 9 July 2008

You Beauty!

I find to experience a life of beauty all I have to do is know myself as Beauty and the world is transformed accordingly.

After I had been thinking of what Beauty means to me, I noticed something quite new. While I was waiting at the bus stop in an area of London called Angel, there were baskets of flowers lining the top of the barrier in the middle of the road. I have no idea what these flowers were called. All I know is they were a combination of lilac and purple (my favourite colour) and very beautiful. I was in such complete awe I wanted to share what I was feeling. I noticed a woman beside me carrying some daffodils. I pointed out the flowers on the barrier: "Aren't those flowers beautiful?" She smiled and said they were.

On the bus, I stood near the window where I could enjoy the rest of the flowers as the bus drove by. I felt like I was being fed beauty and love and I was so grateful. I checked to see if other passengers were admiring the beauty of the flowers but they seemed to be lost in their own thoughts.

During my bus journey this morning I stayed on the Beauty theme. I noticed lots of beautiful flowers outside people's houses; I noticed women with beautiful handbags and outfits; I noticed colourful umbrellas, I even spotted a rainbow umbrella (I happen to love rainbows). I didn't even mind that it was raining as all the raindrops looked beautiful.

I am Beauty.
Life is beautiful.


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