Friday, 25 July 2008

The Wonder of Dreaming

I believe the purpose of life is to dream marvellous dreams of wonder, joy, love, magic and abundance. I believe we all have the faculty to dream whatever dreams we prefer. I also believe we have all been given the tools to erase dreams we don't wish to experience. If I am experiencing a dream I've dreamt up and no longer wish to experience, all I have to do is remember that I am the Dreamer; then I either dream up another dream I prefer or wake out of that dream.

Recently I was having a sleeping dream about trying to resolve some issue. I was trying so hard to accomplish this goal and getting really frustrated that it wasn't happening. Then I heard my mother's voice waking me up. It turned out I had overslept. As for the problem in my dream, the moment I woke up there was no more problem.

At some point last night I had a dream that felt really depressing. While I can't remember the exact details, I know it was dreary. When I woke out of that dream, I was in another dream I preferred where I was feeling at peace.

Another way I find to erase undesirable dreams is to be in silence. Then I'm simply being formlessness where dreams are dissolved.

I can spend eternity dreaming or I can spend eternity being awake. There's no judgment either way unless I choose to dream myself being judged for the choices I've made. I prefer to dream dreams of infinite joy and wonder for eternity.

Happy dreaming everyone!


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