Friday, 11 July 2008

A Woman's Right to Plug Out of the System

On the bus I saw a friend who lives in the neighbourhood. She introduced me to her daughter and said she was taking her to the doctors first before taking her to school. I asked if her daughter was ill. She said they were going to have some inoculations for their impending trip to Nigeria.

After we parted company, I thought about what it means to be inoculated. Before my trip to Bangkok seven years ago, I got myself inoculated to protect myself. At that time I was well and truly in the System and believed in taking the necessary precautions when travelling to certain parts of the world.

Because I was so plugged into the System, the thought never occurred to me that I didn't have to be inoculated if I didn't think it was necessary. In fact, if someone had suggested that to me, I would have found their suggestion ludicrous. That's the System for you, it makes one blinkered to other ways of being. When I returned from my trip that year, I went through an emotional break down or breakthrough. That was when I started going through a process of systematically plugging out of the System. It was then I realised how deep the System goes into programming everyone to depend on it.

Two nights ago, I watched a documentary called "Extraordinary People - Outlaw Births" which followed three women who intended to give birth without any medical intervention. Two of them had had previous experience with the System and were so unhappy with the way they'd been treated they decided to go it alone. Most of their friends and loved ones thought these women crazy for not trusting in medicine and suggested that they at least have a midwife present but the women refused. Naturally, the medical experts interviewed were very adamant that women who take this option are taking a great risk and would not recommend this. One woman was even threatened by someone at a hospital that she would be prosecuted if she gave birth without medical intervention. If there weren't websites and forums where women of like-minds could share experiences, these women would have felt completely alone. One woman, based in America, even met up with like-minded women in person and she was able to share her anxiety about giving birth without medical intervention.

It was wonderful to witness these women giving birth. One woman spoke to her baby throughout the birthing process and encouraged the baby to come out when it was ready. When the baby came out, it was so peaceful and quiet. The woman said she didn't find the process painful because she wasn't resisting but allowing it to happen. My mother, who was watching the documentary with me, said that if that baby had been born in a hospital he would have been slapped to make him cry.

The other two women who had had given birth before in hospitals had misgivings but they still insisted on giving birth with just loved ones close by. Both babies came out perfectly. It was interesting to see that as both of these women experienced pain during their short labour, the babies came out yelling. It just shows how the mother's experience can affect the baby's state of mind.

I'm not surprised really that the medical experts and the women's relatives were appalled by the idea of the women going it alone. Like I said earlier, when you are living in the System, you can't imagine another reality.

I've heard it said that all of us are "born in sin." I believe this statement to be true for most people. What do I mean by this? I believe it is Infinite Intelligence/Spirit that makes fertilisation take place between the sperm and the egg. I believe it is same Intelligence that quickens the cells until they multiply and become a perfect, albeit, tiny baby. At this level we are all pure and innocent. However, instead of trusting in the process and allowing Intelligence to do its work, a lot of mothers-to-be find it necessary to influence the gestation process. They study books about giving birth, what kinds of food to eat, what to wear, what to do, etc, etc,. My mother tells me a lot of these books are filled with horror stories. I'm presuming she read quite a few of them when she was pregnant with me and my two brothers.

There's also the mother's family, cultural, religious, political, philosophical, spiritual and whatever beliefs which end up moulding the foetus. By the time the baby is ready to be born, s/he is already plugged into the System good and proper. It's only natural that the baby then enjoys whatever food it's given because it's used to it anyway. To be "born in sin" is when you're already plugged into the System.

To avoid having a baby that is "born in sin", I believe an expectant mother has to have already plugged out of the System. Such a mother simply trusts in the Intelligence to unfold the process without influencing it in any way. I've never heard of a pregnant bitch reading a textbook about what it means to give birth to puppies. Then again, I could be wrong; there are many intelligent bitches out there.

After I had finished watching the documentary with my mother I said to her that one reason why I didn't want to have children was because I didn't want any part of the System. Even if I were to go through child birth the natural way, where I simply trust in the Intelligence/Spirit, the System would still demand that I have my baby inoculated; or the System would insist that I take my child to school; etc. Why would I want to raise my child in a System I've plugged out of?

I say f*ck the System. I have a right to plug out of that System.
I would rather trust in Infinite Love, which is my true identity.


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