Monday, 14 July 2008

Where the Heart Is

I believe everything has a heart. It is the heart that gives a thing life and meaning. When something has lost its heart, it's as good as dead.

When I'm focused on doing something I love, or I am attracted to something, that thing has a heart that is alive with love and life. The moment I stop giving it my love, then that thing ceases to have life/meaning for me. Put another way, when I am loving whatever I am loving, my heart is in it. I know when my heart is no longer in something when I don't enjoy it or it feels like hard work. That's when I know it's time to move on.

I remember being in a relationship when both our hearts weren't in it. Yet we kept it going on even though neither of us were enjoying one another. In other words, we were flogging a dead horse. It was only a matter of time when that which was already "dead" as an idea was made manifest in form and we split up. After a few months, my boyfriend wanted us to get back together but I didn't because my heart was no longer in that relationship. I guess I wasn't prepared to give it the love that it deserves.

I see Trafalgar Square as the heart of London because there's always something going on there, which gives it life. Two days ago as I walked past I noticed dancers performing in the Square. Apparently, they were creating a Guinness world record for the amount of dancers performing together at one time. It was quite entertaining. I love how different people from many nationalities come together to enjoy an event at the Square. Even when there is nothing going on in the Square, it still attracts lots of tourists and visitors. I get a sense of an eternal presence of love in that Square that embraces all.

I feel London is the heart of the United Kingdom. It symbolises what it means to be British: tradition on the one hand, and diversity on the other. When the terrorists hit London a few years ago they were trying to destroy the heart of the nation and replace it with fear, but they didn't and can never succeed. The heart will always be alive in London because I will always love London, whether I'm living there or not.

Whatever I love doing, that is where my heart is.


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