Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Where the Heart Is - Part 2

While I was at the bookshop they were playing an album by some French artist. The music made me think of my brief affair with the French language which was inspired by my mother's love for French. Apparently she did very well in French when she was at school. She also loved literature.

When my cousins, who were a few years older, were studying French I would listen to them practise their grammar. I couldn't wait to apply what I'd learned from them at secondary school. When I started studying French, I was very enthusiastic. Because I found it quite easy I excelled at it and was always top of my class when it came to French. In fact, it was the only subject I was really good at in secondary school. Every year I received a prize for French. After GCE O'Levels I thought about studying French at Advanced level. I even started it at college but what put me off was reading French literature. Although I love reading, I didn't like studying literature at O'level but had to because it was compulsory. There was no way I was going to choose to study French literature. It was time to drop it.

As I listened to the French woman singing about God knows what, I felt nothing. I realised all the love and enthusiasm I once had for French had only been at a superficial level; it was a fever I'd caught from my mother's and cousins' enthusiasm for French. Now that my immune system is no longer compromised, the fever has left me and taken away with it the dreams I once had about living in France. That fever has never returned.

Now my love for Britain is a different affair. I've always loved Britain. Even after we'd moved from London to live in Sierra Leone I never stopped dreaming of returning to my beloved Britain. Although I did go through a phase when I didn't like living in London, I renewed my love and now I love it. While I do love Britain, it doesn't mean I love Britain because of its history. I've never liked history nor do I care about who the Kings and Queens were. My love for Britain goes far beyond historical data. It's the unconditional love a mother has for her child who can do no wrong. It's a love that has no beginning or end. It's a love that resonates with who I am being. It's a love that I cannot explain, it simply is.

Great Britain is great.
The United Kingdom is my kingdom on earth.

I love you just because I do.


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