Thursday, 31 July 2008

Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

So my friend told me she was finding it very hot and humid. She said she'd been drinking water all day.

"I haven't had any water since last night, over 18 hours ago."

"In this heat?" she said "your brain must have dried up."

My friend's comment made me chuckle.

"Anyway, I don't buy into the idea that you have to drink water all the time. It's not something I think about."

"But surely you must have been sweating a lot. You need to replace the fluids you've lost or you'll be dehydrated."

"My mother was saying the other day how she never sees me sweat," I said. "I hardly ever sweat. Even if I did, I don't feel dehydrated. I will have some water when I get home."

We don't all experience life in identical ways; it all depends on what we believe. I used to guzzle gallons of water a day because I believed I needed water to survive. I used to only drink bottled water because I believed tap water was harmful. When I stopped drinking bottled water and drank only tap water I let go of that belief. I've also given up the belief that I need water to survive. Now I believe Love is my nourishment.

Incidentally before I met up with my friend, I saw this guy with a long winter coat on. It seemed quite strange that he would be dressed in that manner when everyone was in their summer gear. Even I who always wear a cardigan had removed my cardigan. It just shows that experience of the weather is subjective.

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink* until I feel like drinking.


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* From the poem: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge