Friday, 18 July 2008

This is My Day!

Someone asked me how come I am always happy and I experience life as full of wonder.

Well, it's all about being in the right frequency. To experience a life filled with wonder, I need to always be in the frequency of Love as I believe Love is the Magician that magnetises magic and wonder.

When I wake up each morning, I remind myself of my identity as Love. Then I say to myself: "This is my day. Everything's going my way." In other words, this day is Love which means all my experiences are Love including my body, my mother, my family and friends, my neighbourhood, my bus journeys, the drivers, the motorists, the roads, people I meet along the way, all the wonderful ideas I receive, London, the weather, etc. I expect all my experiences to resonate with the Love that I am.

Incidentally, as I was waiting to cross at the traffic light this morning, the cars stopped for me to cross over even though the traffic signal was still on Green. It's not surprising because in truth there are no cars or traffic light, there is only Love.

Other ways to be in the frequency of Love is to do what you love, think about what you love, and focus only on what you love.

I am Love.
This is Love's Day.
Everything's going Love's way.


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