Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Second Nature

As I was waiting for my bus I noticed two young women with push chairs entering the bus in front. After a few minutes they stepped out of it. One of them walked away. I asked the other woman why they hadn't caught the bus.

"Because she has to get pi├Ęces," she said.
"I mean money."
"Ah, I see," I said. "Are you French?"
"Yes. And you?"
"I'm a Londoner."
"I learned English at university," she said.
"I learned French at school. Je parle un peu Francais," I smiled.

When the next bus arrived I said au revoir to her.

On the way home I thought of my French friend. Even though she can speak English and can be understood, she's still thinking in French. That's why she used the French phrase for coins instead of English. If she makes the UK her home, she'll soon get used to the English terms.

Reminds me of an experience I had the other day. After my mother had finished looking in a trunk of old clothes, she tried to shut it but it wouldn't close. I offered to help her. She told me to be careful and not get my fingers caught. When I slammed the case, one finger got caught. For a moment I felt pain but then I instantly reversed it by reminding myself that I am Light. When I checked the finger there was no evidence that I had injured it.

My point is I was able to reverse the experience quickly because the way of Spirit is becoming second nature to me.

I am Spirit.
I am Light.


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