Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Reliving the Joy

I've noticed that if I want to re-live an experience of joy and love, all I need to do is recall the experience vividly and I'm having the same feeling all over again.

Another way I re-live the joy is I read about the experience on my blog.

Yesterday I re-read an article I wrote a while back where I share a story about a dog:

Speaking of which, two days ago on my way home I saw this man walking his dog. He stopped and told her off for her exuberance. I felt sorry for the dog and said she was cute. The dog wanted to play with me but her friend pulled her away. As we walked he told me she was a year old Labrador with way too much energy for his liking. He said he's even been thinking of letting her go but his son would be very upset. As we walked, at the dog's pace of course, he told me about the spat he had with his neighbour. One day his neighbour was confronted by the Labrador and started running. He told her to stay still but the woman didn't listen and ended up falling and spraining her ankle. The woman accused the dog of attacking her and reported the incident to the police. When the police officers arrived, the dog licked one on her face. Based on the new evidence, the police officers decided the dog was too friendly to have attacked the woman and the case was dismissed. Destination Nowhere

The story made me chuckle.

Later I went to relax in a park. I watched people take their dogs for a walk, some on leads and others left free to roam the park. I noticed this white terrier on its lead running towards me. Even though his human friend tried to pull him away he was making a beeline for me. I stroked the dog's head and he licked my hands and wanted to jump on me but the woman pulled him away.

"Sorry about that," she smiled apologetically, "he's only a puppy. He will lick you to death if given a chance."

"I didn't mind. He's really cute."

As you can see, when I recalled the story of the dog who licked the police officer's face, I ended up meeting a dog who wanted to lick me all over.

Last night I thought of a friend I haven't seen in a while and I received a message from him on my Facebook as follows.

"Yes yes yes, I know we are all one. But thats no excuse for only having one friend on Facebook!"

My friend has a point. I don't have any friends on Facebook because I'm a pathetic Billy no mates. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I haven't logged in since last year and don't even use it. Nah!

Still at least when I thought of my friend I did get his attention. Lots of love to you, S.

I've got so many wonderful memories in writing to read. Can't wait to experience the joy all over again.


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