Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Power of Selfishness

During an email exchange with a friend I told her how much I admired the work she's doing. My friend said:

"Thanks, but it's a selfish act on my part...I just know I love it so do it selfishly!"

My response was:

"Oh, pulease, I believe in selfish acts. If everyone was being truly selfish loving what they love and following their hearts, the world will be transformed to a place of pure bliss in the twinkling of an eye, as they say in the Bible. So never stop being selfish, darling, because you're worth it."

As I see it, the world's idea of selflessness involves sacrifice, duty and obligation, which gives rise to guilt and resentment. There's no way I want resentment building up in my system. If doing what one loves, focusing on what one loves, and loving who one loves makes one selfish, then I'm EXTREMELY selfish.

Another reason why I believe in doing what I love is because Love is the frequency of God, the True Self. When I am doing what I love, I am being the True Self; when I'm doing something just because it makes me appear good in the world's eyes I'm not being true to myself.

That's why I love cats, at least the cats I've lived with, because they've been totally self-centred, just like me. Hurray for cats, well the cats I've loved anyway!

I'm not here to save the world or to sacrifice who I am, I'm here to express and share my love. If that makes me selfish, then so be it.

Selfish people of the world unite, your world needs you.


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