Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Power of Focus

Before the Wimbledon tennis finals, I read about how Rafael Nadal wasn't bothered about winning matches but getting the Wimbledon title. In other words, his eyes were focused on the Wimbledon prize

When Nadal met Roger Federer the World no. 1 and last year's champion, although it was a tough match, Nadal won it. I also had a feeling Nadal was going to win when the commentator said that the last time a Spaniard had won was 1966, which is my birth date. My heart sank for Federer who I love and wanted to win.

That's the power of focus. Keep your attention focused on what you intend to experience and the Universe will take care of the details.


ps: I note Federer's birthday is 8 August i.e. 8.8. I have a thing about 8 and 88. That must be why I like him so much.

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