Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Power of Beliefs

On the bus a man came on board and sat in front of me. I noticed he had part of one arm bandaged up so I asked him what he'd done to his arm.

"It's a tiny scratch which developed into an infection."

"How did that happen?" I said.

"Are you a nurse?"

"No, but I'm interested in healing and practise energy healing."

"I'm a Diabetic you see. You have to be very careful when you are Diabetic. When I had the scratch I didn't do anything about it. Then it got worse. I cleaned it every day with "Tea Tree Oil," the purest type, but it just wouldn't heal. I ended up in the hospital. It took ages for the doctors to diagnose what was wrong with my arm. It was only when I told them I'd been using "Tea Tree Oil" that they could treat me."

"All that from a tiny scratch?" I said. "That's amazing!"

"It's getting better now. My doctor says I have to look after it."

"I haven't been to a doctor in years."

"You're like my wife. She's 63 and she's as strong as an ox. She used to be a nurse. She never drinks or smokes. She only gets a cold about once a year. I used to drink and smoke and now I'm paying for it. "

"Well, look after yourself, OK," I said to him before he got off the bus. "Give lots of love to your arm and it will get better."

One thing I found interesting about my friend was the power of his beliefs. My friend's belief in his Diabetes magnified a scratch to an infection. He believes his previous smoking and drinking habit is influencing how he lives now. He believes his wife is very strong because she doesn't drink or smoke. The irony is his beliefs are preventing him from tapping into his infinite power that doesn't care about the past.

Beliefs are very powerful indeed. I can use the power of beliefs to keep myself in captivity or set myself free.

That's why I believe in beliefs.


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