Monday, 21 July 2008


As I was waiting at a bus stop, I noticed a young man looking at the timetable. When the bus I was waiting for arrived, he got on board. I heard him telling the driver that he wanted to get to "Blackhorse Road." The driver told him to stay on the bus till the last stop and catch another one from there. I presumed from the young man's accent that he was either a tourist or he was new to that area of London.

At the next stop, the driver changed shift. Another driver got on board and our journey continued. At the last stop, the young man went to the new driver and said "I want to go to Blackhorse Road." The driver told him where to go but he still looked confused.

"I want to get to Blackhorse Road" he said to no one in particular.

I was going to help him but another passenger who'd heard him told him how to get there.

What I really admired about the young man was he was very persistent. He knew where he wanted to get to and he didn't care who helped him as long as he got help. I've observed some kids are a bit like that. They know what they want and they don't care how they get it.

I believe the Universe doesn't judge and is always supporting everyone on their journey. All I have to do is be specific, open, and never give up.


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