Wednesday, 23 July 2008

On Being Cold-Blooded

The problem with experiencing myself as Light is that I'm constantly cold. I feel the light inside my head and as it travels down my spine it gives me goose bumps all over. I end up shivering rather in the same way when I'm feeling cold, but it's different. This kind of shiver feels more like when a lover is stroking my arm and it feels really good.

I, who never used to live sitting in the sun, now can't wait to lap it up whenever it comes out. It's lovely to feel the sun's wonderful rays on my skin and revelling in the heat. Mind you, with the British Summer we're having, I have to pray for sunshine.

Now I know what snakes feels like when they come out to enjoy the sun because they can't seem to retain the heat.

I'm sure I'm moulting too just like snakes.



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