Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Oh, I Get It!

While I was travelling on a bus with my mother, I pointed out a bus I had once used to get to a particular bus station, but I couldn't remember the name of the station. In thought I asked the bus station what it's name was and I kept getting the name "Camden Town."

Why do I keep thinking of Camden Town? That's not it. I knew the place had two words, the first word starts with a "C."

I decided the name would either pop up or I would check it up on the Internet. I did check the answer on Google and the name is Canning Town. Oh, now I get it. When I asked the bus station what its name was, I received the answer but I heard it as Camden Town instead of Canning Town.

I believe since I am connected to all things, I can communicate with all. It's a matter of asking the question and listening for the answers, at least listening properly.

Thank you, Canning Town station for your response.


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