Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Of Course I am My Body!

I have had different realisations of Self.

I have realised that I am flesh and body human with different identities such as female, black, heterosexual, British, daughter, sister, friend, lover, writer, joker, with beliefs, likes and dislikes, thoughts and emotions, etc.

I have realised I am pure consciousness and Light.

I have realised I am the Dreamer of dreams.

I have realised I am the All There Is.

I have realised I am the ONE in all.

I have realised I am Causeless.

The bottom line is I am Spirit/Infinite Love.

I believe the whole point of life is to live as Spirit here and now. Therefore, instead of identifying myself as Spirit having a physical experience, I have to know that I am Spirit and only Spirit no matter where I find myself. This means right now I am solid Spirit or Spirit woman in human form with my likes, dislikes and beliefs.

As I see it, the spiritual path is simply a process of spiritualising all my experiences i.e. reminding myself constantly that I am Spirit and I live in a spiritual universe now and always.

So yes, I am my body. If you stroke my arm, it is actually me that you are stroking because that arm is I as Spirit in form. If you scratch my arm and it hurts, it is actually I, Spirit in form, that you're hurting. Having said that, my arm only hurts because I have forgotten who I am as Spirit; all I have to do is remember that my arm is Spirit and the pain is gone.

I believe living as Spirit in form is rather like the doctor in the sci-fi series, "Star Trek Voyager" who appears very much solid and can even treat his patients, and yet he's a hologram that is made of light. He can change his appearance by programming how he wants to appear.

I am my body and proud of it.


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