Monday, 28 July 2008

No Need to Ask

Life is a paradox. On the one hand, if I need help I have to ask. On the other hand, there is no need to ask for what has already been given.

As I was relaxing in a bookshop, I noticed a customer with a book. She seemed to be looking for a vacant chair but the only one available was beside me. Then she went away. After a minute or so she was back. She asked me if it was OK to sit beside me and I said it was.

Later on the bus, I noticed a window seat available next to this man. To get to the seat I would have to ask him to move out of the way. As there were other window seats available I sat elsewhere. Later when nearly all the seats were taken, a passenger asked the man if he minded if he sat in the window seat. The passenger moved out of the way so he could get to the seat.

As I see it, the seats in the bookshop are there for customers' use. I usually like sitting on my own. If there isn't an empty sofa available and I have to share, I would never dream of asking someone's permission to share, I simply sit down. Nor would I ask a passenger on the bus if it's OK to sit next to them. I'll simply ask them to move out of the way and give me access to the seat. God forbid that I would ever ask someone on a park bench if it's OK to share a bench!

Speaking of parks, the other day I was exploring a heath I'd never been to. I was also dying to have a pee. I could have waited till I got home but I didn't see why I should. Why not have a pee right here in the heath. Guys do it all the time so why shouldn't I? I found a secluded spot and did my business.

After I'd relieved myself, I followed another path. Then I got disoriented. It was time to ask someone for directions. I saw a bus parked at a local bus stop but I couldn't see the driver. I saw another bus approaching so I beckoned for the driver to stop. I asked her for directions and she confirmed I was heading in the right direction.

Some people might argue that I was a bit cheeky stopping a bus to ask for directions. I believe the only reason why that bus appeared at that moment was for the driver to give me directions.

Recently as a friend and I were walking he spotted a pen on the ground. The writing on the pen read: "Pick it up, it's yours." My friend kept the pen.

Life has been given for all our use. There's no need to ask for permission just pick it up, receive, it's yours.


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