Thursday, 17 July 2008

Milking It For All It's Worth

I was sharing with a friend recently how music is my saviour. I said that many years ago when I was travelling by campervan with my boyfriend in Australia, we went through a phase when we weren't getting on. After having another row, we stopped speaking to each other. I spent those long hours humming Michael Jackson's songs to myself. Those songs not only kept me company, they kept me sane during those hard times.

My mother and I constantly have those "remember when" moments and we'll remind each other about a funny experience and we'll milk the memory for all it's worth and have a good chuckle.

My blogs record memories of all the wisdom, love, joy, inspiration, and wonder that I am. If I can't milk out a memory for all it's worth, it's not worth recalling that memory.

There's no need to ever feel down in the dumps when I have my wonderful memories to keep me company.


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