Saturday, 19 July 2008

Love's Organising Principle

"When I wake up each morning, I remind myself of my identity as Love. Then I say to myself: "This is my day. Everything's going my way." In other words, this day is Love which means all my experiences are Love including my body, my mother, my family and friends, my neighbourhood, my bus journeys, the drivers, the motorists, the roads, people I meet along the way, all the wonderful ideas I receive, London, the weather, etc. I expect all my experiences to resonate with the Love that I am." This is My Day!;

So I promised to get a bottle of milk on my way home. After spending time at a bookshop, I went to the local supermarket but they didn't have the size I wanted. I had a choice whether to buy it locally or stop off and get it at another supermarket. I didn't fancy getting it locally because it means crossing the road which I find a hassle. While I was on the bus I had the idea to get off and buy it at a particular supermarket. I chose a particular checkout. Even though there were only two customers ahead, both had a lot of stuff. I noticed another checkout had customers with fewer stuff but something told me to stay put.

While I was waiting, I noticed the woman in front of me had on a purple top; purple is my favourite colour. I told her how much I liked her top. She asked me if it looked good on her and I said it suited her complexion. She said my short hair suits my slim frame. I thanked her. Then she said that since I only had one item, I should go ahead of her. I thanked her and was out in no time.

As soon as I got to the bus stop, a bus arrived. When I got off that bus, my next bus followed. Two stops down a man got on. Two days before I'd asked a passenger I usually travel with about a particular bus driver who lives in our neighbourhood. I said I hadn't seen him for quite a while and was wondering where he was. The man who had got on was the bus driver. At the last stop I nudged him and told him I'd been wondering where he was and now he's answered my question. He said if I ever wonder about him, I should send him blessings. As we walked home together, he told me he was going home for his hour break and would be returning to work. He told me what shifts he usually works. Then I said goodbye and wished him well.

I thought it was so wonderful how Infinite Love had organised everything perfectly so I went to the right supermarket, left at the right moment, connected with the right buses so I could link up with the friend I hadn't seen in ages.

I trust in the organising principle of Love.


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