Monday, 28 July 2008

Love is All That Matters

I like watching Colin Fry's 6ixth Sense on Sunday mornings. In the show, Colin Fry, a psychic medium, relays messages from people who have passed on to members of the studio audience. These messages confirm that there is no death and we are always one with loved ones who appear to be "beyond the veil." One thing I find fascinating is how those who have passed on now have different priorities.

In one programme I watched recently, Colin told this family that their "deceased" was advising them to let their son follow his passion for dance. In other words, let their son do what he loves rather than what they believe he should. It reminded me of the film, Billy Elliot, which is about a boy who comes from a working class mining family who has a passion for ballet but his father and brothers don't approve of his choice. Billy ends up attracting a mentor who helps him to follow his dream. His family eventually come round to the idea and support Billy in his ventures. Billy is offered a place at a prestigious ballet school and embarks on a career as a ballet dancer.

Another reading Colin did was for this woman who is very much the intellectual. Her dad came through with a message for her which was: instead of advising her nephew to choose finance as a career path, she should let him follow his love for music. The woman was quite surprised because she said when her father was alive, he wanted his kids to follow traditional career paths like the law, medicine, accounts, etc. She thought it was interesting that her father had changed his tune.

I believe many who have passed on have different priorities; they are now realising that love is all that matters. In other words, for life to have meaning, it's important to love who you are, love what you do, be true to yourself, love others, and love life.

The good news is I don't need to wait till I "die" to love, I can love now. Then I get to experience what it means to live and be Spirit.

I am Spirit; I am Love; I am Life.


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