Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Living the Magic

A while back I was invited to a Circle where they experience lots of physical manifestations. Those manifestations didn't happen under normal conditions; the members have to create the right atmosphere for these to happen by being in a state of joy or peace. In other words, the frequency has to be raised to a "level" where manifestations can occur.

I've also seen a lot of religious programmes where people claim to have experience miracles. Again, the audience creates the atmosphere for these miracles by singing uplifting songs. Once the frequency is high enough then miracles happen.

What usually happens with people who experience such miracles is that because they are no longer in that high frequency when they return to their "ordinary" reality, they are likely to dismiss the experience as a one-off, a dream, unreal or something that can only happen under special conditions. In the meantime, back in the real world, life goes on in its dreary fashion where you have to work at things or try to make things work... until the next meeting when they experience more wonder.

I believe the way to experience constant magic and wonder is to live in that frequency all the time. By this I mean constantly identifying yourself as the Wonder, the Magic, Love and Light and remembering that Love is all there is; and refusing to accept any other reality.

Then instead of expecting the wonder to only happen under certain conditions, you get to experience it constantly because everywhere you are there is magic.

I am the Magic.
Magic is all there is.


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