Friday, 25 July 2008

Like Attracts Like

I went grocery shopping with my mother today. Mum has a thing about arranging the grocery in a nice orderly manner on the conveyor belt at the checkout. I don't see the point myself since it all gets jumbled up again once the cashier has scanned it and they come through the other side. Still, my mother likes things that way so I let her have her fun.

Suddenly the guy in front of us said to mum, "Thank you very much! Now you've gone and ruined everything. I don't have any more space for my eggs."

The cashier pointed out to him that he had lots of space to put the eggs on the conveyor but he said he wanted space to put his eggs right behind as he didn't want them cracked. Oh no, another crackpot!

The cashier assured him that she would put his box of eggs right at the back and scan them last. The man was still livid and having a go at mum. I stroked mum's arms to console her and blessed the man with love.

As the conveyor was moving, I pointed out to mum to watch that our grocery didn't fall on the man's eggs as we didn't want him making another scene.

After the customer had left, mum and the cashier discussed his attitude. They both agreed there was no point getting into an argument as life is too short.

I teased mum later that she'd met her match in that irate customer. Since she likes her grocery to be arranged in a particular order on the conveyor belt, she'd attracted someone who was even fussier. It was a match made in heaven or hell, depending on how you look at it.

Like attracts like.


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