Thursday, 17 July 2008

Life Review

I've heard that when people pass over, they go through a life review which helps them see what they've done in their lives or what they were preoccupied with. They are their own judge and jury.

There's no need to die to experience a life review. I'm going through a life review right now.

I'm currently reviewing all my articles and putting them into relevant categories. Each time I go through an article I get to see what I was preoccupied with. Was I living my truth? Was I being true to myself? Was I loving the way I know how to love? I am reminded of the chart of the I AM Presence from the teachings of The Summit Lighthouse:

"The Divine Monad consists of the I AM Presence surrounded by the spheres (color rings) of light which comprise the causal body. This is the body of First Cause that contains within it man's "treasure laid up in heaven"-words and works, thoughts and feelings of virtue, attainment, and light-pure energies of love that have risen from the plane of action in time and space as the result of man's judicious exercise of free will and his harmonious qualification of the stream of life that issues forth from the heart of the Presence and descends to the level of the Christ Self, thence to invigorate and enliven the embodied soul." The Mighty I Am Presence

Thus, each category represents an attribute of Self (colour ring) I am expressing. Categories with the most articles signify which attributes of Spirit I am expressing the most.

The wonderful thing about having a life review is I get to feel all the joy and love I shared in those articles. I get to experience the magic all over again.

It's a really good feeling to know how much I love and I am loved.

All my love and gratitude to all the players.


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