Monday, 21 July 2008

Journey into the Future

I was telling my mother recently about how I travelled by bus via Canary Wharf, the business capital of London. I said it's changed since I last worked there in 1995. At the time I had a temporary contract as a secretary/administrator at a firm of engineers who were doing up one of the buildings. Mum said the last time she was in that area was in 1982, when she was temping for a company called the "London Docklands Development Corporation" which was set up to develop that area of East London. She only lasted a few days because it was too far to get to from where she lived at the time.

The other day, my mother and I decided to take a trip down memory lane to explore Canary Wharf. We decided to travel by bus.

Before we left, I noted it was quite cloudy. When I went to our local shop to buy my mother's newspaper, a customer told me it was going to rain and I should be prepared. I told him I expected dry weather where I was going. In thought, I put out an intention for the weather to be perfect at Canary Wharf so we could even sit outside.

During the bus ride, it started raining. I paid no attention to the weather as I knew it will be dry and sunny when we arrived at our destination. When we got off that bus to change, it was still raining but our next bus was right behind. Although the driver had to wait for a few minutes, she let us in and we sat upstairs. During the journey mum said if she'd known the weather was going to be like this, she wouldn't have come out. I told her to have faith.

"Faith is seeing the weather you want to experience behind the dark clouds," I said. "You'll find that the weather will be dry and sunny when we arrive at Canary Wharf."

She looked doubtful. Instead of focusing on the weather, I hummed a song I loved.

As soon as the bus was arriving at Canary Wharf, the clouds parted and the sun came out, just as I had predicted.

"See, I told you it was going to be sunny," mum said.

"Yes, mum, I believe you," I chuckled.

Mum was amazed at how much Canary Wharf had transformed since she was last there 26 years ago when it was full of dilapidated buildings. She loved it: the office buildings, shops, the apartments overlooking the river, everything. I took her through the shopping centre which wasn't there when I was working there. We did a bit of window-shopping then we went to the local pharmacy as she wanted to buy some hand cream. As we walked down the aisles, she pointed to me the different beauty products I used to be into. I used to use all these fancy moisturising creams and the ones that claim to rejuvenate one's skin. It's funny how on the one hand, I'm still the same; and yet I'm so different from the woman I was back in 1995.

I can just see my past self sitting in the square eating her lunch. As her future self, I'm telling her that in 13 years time she will have given up a lot of what she believed to be true including using beauty products to make herself appear young. I can see my past self can't quite accept this reality as it is too far removed from who she is.

Does this mean the me that I am now is an evolved version of the self in 1995? No, the future self in the present has simply had a paradigm shift. A paradigm is a way of seeing the world. For instance, if you see the world from a red perspective, then everything you do is tainted by your way of seeing. Let's say you have a shift and start seeing from a purple perspective, then your experiences are going to be different.

The Me that I was then used beauty products because she believed she needed to improve or fix what she was. She also had the belief in aging. When I had a paradigm shift, I realised my identity is Love-Light, therefore, there's nothing I have to do; I simply need to be Love and let Love transform all that I am to Love. That's why I don't feel the need to use fancy beauty products when I can let my Light shine through. The world's way is you have to pay for beauty and fight aging as aging is inevitable. Love offers beauty for free as beauty as my nature; eternal youth is who I am.

After mum had bought her hand cream, we popped into a food shop to buy some food. She asked if I wanted a sandwich but I only wanted chocolates and some sweets. I can eat chocolate all day. Then we went to sit outside. Although it was sunny, it was quite cool for my liking and I was glad I had on a cardigan. The weather was perfect for my mother as she likes it cool.

All in all, it was a fun outing and my mother and I enjoyed each other's company.

Later I reflected on what I'd said to my mother about having faith and seeing beyond the clouds. One can apply the same faith to the vision the developers had about Canary Wharf who could see beyond the dilapidated buildings. It took a while for their vision to unfold to become the business capital that it is now.

In the same respect, who I am now is the vision I as my True Self have given to my past self. In fact, some years back during meditation, I was "approached" by some entities calling themselves Vector8. They are pure energy. The entities were there to remind me that I'm part of that group and that it was time for me to focus on my true purpose. As this Energy I am already perfect. Since I had that "wake up" call, I have been applying all the wisdom that I am as Vector8 in my life experience. Put another way, it feels like Vector8 is my future self and I've travelled back in time to spiritualise all my life experiences. There are yet grander versions of myself to unfold. All I have to do is trust in the process.

I am Infinite Love/Vector8.


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