Tuesday, 29 July 2008

In Spirit

After I'd written the article, No Need to Ask, I thought just for fun I would ask my friend who is a cartoonist to create a relevant cartoon. He created the following: #59 - What's In Your Oyster? (By request). Although I think my friend's cartoon is lovely, I feel he hasn't captured the spirit of the article.

What do I mean by spirit?

Spirit is the essence of what something is. I have a spirit and that spirit pervades everything I do whether you refer to it as my sense of humour, sardonic wit, vibes, feeling; it's something that is essentially me. Put another way, it's like my own cosmic finger-print.

I believe everyone and everything has got their own unique spirit. When it comes to friends, I can usually pick up on their vibes when they are thinking of me. I have a friend in Ireland who is constantly picking up on my vibes.

Back to my friend, I don't feel he captured the spirit of the article because the article was very tongue-in-cheek, which doesn't come across in the cartoon. Now that I've given my friend a ticking off, he'll know better next time he's asked to create a cartoon for me. ;-)

I am who I am in spirit.


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