Monday, 28 July 2008

Heart Transplant

Sometimes I find it really hard to let go of old friends, particularly those who I love so dearly.

I had to let go of an old friend yesterday. She's been my best friend for two years or so and has been my constant companion. My friend is my handbag. While I have other bags, I particularly liked this one. When it started falling apart it was time to let her go and rekindle my relationship with another friend/bag, which is in very good condition even though a pouch won't close because the zip tab is missing.

Even though I have so many good memories of my old friend, I couldn't help feeling sad that we would never experience a tangible relationship. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Then I had a brainwave: why not transfer the zip tab from my old friend to my other bag? I did just that. As I was doing the repairs, I felt like a surgeon performing a heart transplant operation. Now I get to keep part of my friend with me.

I will never forget the love we shared, my beloved bag. Your heart/zip tab will go on and on.


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