Monday, 28 July 2008

Getting Back in the Zone

As I was watching television, a sign came up telling me that the batteries were running low and needed replacing. I also noticed the low energy icon had also appeared. I only charged them a few months back, albeit in the unconventional way i.e. I channelled energy into them. Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to give them more energy, won't I?

I thought to myself: I am the batteries. I then visualised myself filling up with energy and channelled energy from my hands into the remote control. After about five minutes I noticed the low energy icon had disappeared indicating the batteries were now fully charged.

Why did the batteries choose this moment of Now to notify me they were running low? Why not when my mother was watching, as it is her television? What is this low energy saying about me?

I have been feeling unbalanced. In fact I was feeling sluggish and had a feeling I had put on weight. I weighed myself and sure enough I had put on a pound. I know it's only a pound but for me that signifies that I am not in my Zone. In the Zone, I am being the Love that I am; and nothing can be added to or taken away from who I am. In the Zone, my weight is constantly at 8 stone (112 pounds). The moment I feel I have lost or gained weight, even it's only an ounce, it's a sign that I'm not in the Zone.

By the evening I was back to my ideal weight - 8 stone.

Thank you, batteries, for your timely reminder.

I am Love.


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