Friday, 25 July 2008

Fancy a Bit of How's Your Father?

About a mile away from where I live is a community of Hasidic Jews. I've observed that the men wear long black coats and black hats; and most of them have long beards. The women wear dark clothes. They appear to keep themselves to themselves. They even have their own business and schools. On the odd occasion when I've accustomed someone from that community and have acknowledged them, I have been ignored. So I've never had a conversation with anyone from that community until last night.

On the bus, an elderly-looking Hasidic gentleman, probably in his sixties, got on the bus. He smiled and said something to a woman and her kids. The kids didn't respond, they simply stared at him. The next seat available was beside me. He nodded at me. I smiled and nodded back.

"Are you from the Congo?" he said. "Congolese girls are very expensive."

"No," I frowned.

"You haven't been to the Congo?"


I noted his accent sounded French. He also smelt like he'd been bathing in some incense or something. It was quite powerful stuff.

"Come to my appartimon for chumpan."

"Sorry, I don't understand you," I said.

"I said, want to come to my appartment and drink champagne?"

"Oh, thanks but no thanks."

Then my friend got off at the next stop. After he got off I said to the woman opposite, "That Jewish guy has just asked me to go to his flat to drink champagne! I thought he was meant to be religious."

The woman smiled at me. It just shows that one can't judge by appearances.

That proposition comes into my all time list of bizarre propositions. I remember once I was carrying several bags of grocery shopping and hopped on the bus where I met this Turkish guy who asked if I wanted to go home and have sex with him. I said to him, "Do I look like I'm in the mood for sex?"

Then there was the Russian guy I once saw at Hampstead Heath who thought I was up for rampant sex just because I'd smiled at him and was friendly. I know the Heath is renowned for rompy pompy but a bit of how's your father was the last thing on my mind at the time.

I believe when people meet me they feel the Love vibes which they interpret in their own way according to their needs. Some feel it as friendship, some as sexual, and others as love. I do find it interesting how I attract all sorts of guys from all corners of the globe; and guys from their late teens up to those in their seventies. While I know we are all Love, I have to say I have no interest in men over 50 in a romantic sense. No offence to the older guy but that's just the way it is. Unless a man in his fifties and over looks a lot younger, forget it.

I look forward to having a glass of champagne soon with the man of my dreams.


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