Thursday, 31 July 2008

Emergency Response Unit

I've heard about how people have had miraculous experiences when they've prayed for assistance during an emergency. I know I have. At that moment I step into another realm where the normal laws as we understand them are suspended and there is another, far superior, law in action. For instance I can expect to be healed in a few days or I can invoke Grace and experience healing in a matter of minutes.

I believe instead of calling on Grace on the rare occasion, why not treat life as an emergency? Then, I get to have the Cosmic Emergency Response Unit (CERU) at my beck and call; and the roads clear up to allow my emergency vehicle through.

As I was pondering on these ideas, I met a friend at the bus stop and we caught the bus to the bus station. When my friend and I got off the bus, I asked her if she was going to catch the bus or walk home. She said it was too hot to walk. I told her I didn't need to travel by bus as I was going for a walk anyway. She persuaded me to catch the bus up the road with her.

I noticed the bus was unusually crowded. I decided not to get on board but my friend grabbed my hand and pulled me in. When I said hello to the driver she told me a major road was closed causing major chaos. She said she wasn't going the usual route but was on a diversion. I thanked the driver and told my friend that we needed to get off as the bus wasn't going our way.

As my friend and I walked to the next stop, she thanked me for saving her from being stuck on a crowded bus going in the wrong direction. She said she could now see why I hadn't wanted to get on board in the first place. We noticed a police car was blocking the road. We wondered whether it was an accident of some sort. I walked with my friend as far as the next bus stop then went for my walk.

Walking by the canal was so peaceful. I saw people hanging out and enjoying the weather and completely oblivious to the chaos down the road.

I discovered later in the news that the road had been blocked because of a fire, which had caused chaos on the roads.

I am so grateful to the CERU for assisting me in every moment.


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