Saturday, 12 July 2008

Dreaming the Weather

I believe the weather is a dream that is usually dreamed up by the minority of dreamers called Meteorologists. They put out their dream forecasts in the media. When people agree with the predictions, they collectively dream up the conditions. Just because the weather conditions appear one way doesn't mean I have to accept it, particularly when it doesn't fit in with my dreams.

I was inspired to walk from the city, which usually takes about 2 hours. I noticed clouds hovering signifying rain somewhere. I decided to walk anyway. After I had been walking for about an hour, it started drizzling then there was a heavy downpour.

Now, there are times when I find rain a lot of fun. It's lovely travelling on the bus when it's raining. I get to spot all these colourful umbrellas. I also love it when rainbows appear sometimes after a downpour. There are also times when I don't appreciate rain. On this occasion, I wanted to enjoy my walk in dry weather. It was time to make my intentions clear to the Universe. I reminded myself of the truth of reality, as I see it.

All experiences are dreams.
I am the Lucid Dreamer.
This is my dream.
I am now dreaming myself taking a walk in dry weather.

Even though I was carrying an umbrella, I waited at a bus shelter for my dream to become a reality. The rain stopped and the sun came out. I noticed in the area where I was, the clouds had parted to reveal the lovely blue sky; while everywhere else had dark clouds.

After I had been dream walking for a while, it started drizzling. Again, I put out my dreaming intention that I am walking in dry weather and it stopped. Just as I was getting closer to home, it started drizzling again. I realised I should have been clearer in my dream intention that "I am walking in dry weather all the way home." Never mind, at least I was nearly home.

Hang on. What if other people were enjoying the rain and wanted dry weather. Isn't it possible our dreams are going to clash? I believe that because the Universe has no limits we can all experience whatever weather conditions we prefer, it's a matter of believing this is possible. I'm reminded of an experience I once read in a book called "As I See It" by John Hargreaves, which is written from a Christian Science perspective.

During passengers were on a ferry crossing the channel to France, the waters got choppy which made some of the passengers sea-sick. There were two Christian Scientists on board the ferry so they decided to apply treatment to the condition. A Christian Science treatment is realising the truth, as taught by Christian Science, that there is no material universe but all is spiritual. Man is, therefore, Spirit and has never been mortal. In this case, the Christian Science practitioners realised the truth of that situation of harmony's presence. Soon the conditions improved and the waters were calm. Passengers who were feeling sea-sick felt better and started enjoying the journey. One passenger, who wasn't a Scientist, pointed to a Scientist that while their part of the channel was calm, the rest of the waters on the channel was still choppy. This demonstrates that the Universe was meeting everyone's needs according to their beliefs. Those who expected to experience calm seas had it which they shared with others on the ferry. Those who didn't believe it was possible to travel in calm seas experienced choppy waters.

Why didn't the Christian Scientists manifest calm seas for everyone?

I believe because the Universe didn't want to infringe on other people's right to dream. Let's look at the bigger picture. If God created the universe to be in perfect order, why can't God just say the word, a decree or something, and everywhere is instantly transformed into beauty and order and there are no more wars, poverty, sickness and death. Because that doesn't seem to be how the Universe operates. Each of us has to realise this perfection for ourselves, which has already been freely given, and be willing to receive/experience that reality. Now if I'm dreaming I need to do something to experience perfection, I'm not going to be open to receive it.

Some people might argue that weather conditions are not things that can be changed. We simply need to accept what Mother nature is about even if sometimes Mother Nature can be pretty destructive. Well, I beg to differ. I don't believe it is the nature of Mother Nature to cause mayhem, which is simply reflecting people's inner state. One way to be in harmony with nature is to realise my identity as the Dreamer. Here's another way to look at it from one of my favourite books:

"Our eagerness for worldly activity kills in us the sense of spiritual awe. We cannot comprehend the Great Life behind all names and forms, just because science brings home to us how we can use the powers of nature; this familiarity has bred a contempt for her ultimate secrets. Our relation with nature is one of practical business. We tease her, so to speak, to know how she can be used to serve our purposes; we make use of her energies, whose Source yet remains unknown. In science our relation with nature is one that exists between a man and his servant, or in a philosophical sense she is like a captive in the witness box. We cross-examine her, challenge her, and minutely weigh her evidence in human scales which cannot measure her hidden values. On the other hand, when the self is in communion with a higher power, nature automatically obeys, without stress or strain, the will of man. This effortless command over nature is called 'miraculous' by the uncomprehending materialist." Autobiography of a Yogi

I believe that "self [which] is in communion with a higher power" is the Lucid Dreamer.

I also believe I'm here to enjoy wondrous dreams which include perfect dream weather.

Rain, rain, go away, come again when I'm in the mood to jump in your puddles.


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