Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Dream is A Dream is a Dream - Revisited

I believe all realities are dreams. I am either dreaming or I am lucid dreaming. One who is a lucid dreamer is very much aware s/he is in a dream.

I experience two types of dreams: sleeping (SD) and awake (AD).

I find both dream realities operate in similar ways though the awake dreams seem to move at a slower rate than the sleeping dream. Mind you, things are speeding up these days.

I'm now going to discuss the different kinds of dreams I have experienced.


SD - I have dreams that reflect what I intend to experience and my thoughts and beliefs about the same. If I've been fantasising about experiencing such and such, it will be manifested in my dreams.

AD - If I'm preoccupied with certain thoughts, I tend to notice them mirrored back at me in my environment. If they haven't manifested, I'll have experiences confirming how they are being manifested, I just need to trust in the process.


SD - In a lot of my dreams I find myself teaching other people what I share on my blogs. The irony is though I insist I'm not a teacher in the waking reality, in my dreams I am seen as a teacher. I tend to discuss spiritual ideas and how to apply them in practice. Last night I was discussing with a group the power of focus.

AD - I'm very much preoccupied with how to apply spiritual principles in every day life, which I share on my blogs. I am also constantly having experiences that demonstrate my dream beliefs.


SD - Sometimes I have insights about problems I'm trying to resolve. They take the forms of either discussing the problem with someone and receiving the answer, or I am shown what I need to know.

AD - I am constantly receiving insights and realisations either from the Inner Voice or being inspired by my life experiences.


SD - Another kind of dream I have is based on memories of past experiences.

AD - I tend to re-live experiences from time to time. For instance, I find after reading of a particular experience, I can end up having that experience albeit in a slightly different form.


SD - Now and again I dream of events to come which come in two categories: personal and global. These dreams tend to be very vivid and I wake up from the dream with a start and know it's real.

In my previous relationships I've dreamed of the relationships' demise weeks or months before it happened, which can be annoying. You wonder what's the point of pursuing it when you already know the outcome.

The advantage of this kind of dream is when I can see what joy I am going to experience. For instance, last night I had a dream where I was reading an email from a friend and chuckling at its content. Then I instantly woke up from the dream and found myself still laughing. I could recall vividly what was in the email. Although I haven't received the email, I know it's going to happen.

Sometimes I have dreams about what is going to happen for loved ones and it comes true. Again, I can tell when it's something that's going to happen by its vividness and the way I wake up from the dream.

Occasionally I dream of future world events. I dreamt of the 911 Attack two weeks before it happened. When I woke up from the dream I was shaken up and prayed for it not to happen. Then I hoped it wasn't real. Two weeks later I watched part of my dream - the second plane crashing into the tower - live on television.

AD - I tend to receive info about events to come either through visions, songs, images, other people's conversation and writings being flagged for my attention. For instance, just last week my attention was drawn to a van with a company name. The name was posted three times on the van. As I have a friend with the same name, I wondered how he was. I sent love and light to the friend with the same name. A few days later a boy of the same name was murdered and has been appearing in newspapers.


SD - In some of my dreams I receive messages from friends. I have had occasions when I've been able to pick up messages from friends in my waking state while I'm asleep which translates into a dream.

AD - From time to time I can pick up messages telepathically.

Wake-Up Calls

SD - There are dreams that remind me that I am in a dream and must wake up from the dream. I wake up from the dream and go about my affairs only to realise I am still dreaming. One time it took me three attempts to finally wake up from that dream.

AD - When I find myself acting out from a belief that no longer serve me, I would have an experience to remind me to wake up from that belief or to remind me that I am Love or all is Love.

Being in Joy

SD - There are dreams where I'm hanging out with friends and loved ones and being in joy with them.

AD - When I'm doing what I love, being myself, having fun with friends and loved ones and sharing who I am.

Waifs and Strays

SD - There are dreams that represent thoughts I pick up from the collective which make no sense to me at all. When I wake out of those dreams, I simply dismiss them as nothing.

AD - From time to time I pick up stray thoughts that have nothing to do with me. I find the best thing is to let them go and return to the silence.

Just like in one night I can experience different types of dreams, in the same respect, in one day I can experience different kinds of dreams in my awake dreams. It's all fun and what makes life interesting.

I also spend a lot of time in a dreamless state in silence.


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