Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Benefit of Hindsight

As I was waiting at the bus stop, two buses arrived back-to-back. Although they travel using different routes, they both go to my destination. I decided to catch the one at the back but the driver still had the doors closed. I banged on the door but he ignored me. What's his problem? Maybe, I should just catch the one in front. By the time I made up my mind it was too late and the one in front had moved away. Then the bus behind pulled up, opened the doors and let passengers in and out.

The journey was quite smooth until two miles down when the bus was caught in a traffic jam. No cars were moving in either direction. I had a feeling it was because of some incident. After a while I saw an ambulance driving by.

It was then it occurred to me that the Universe had given me advance warning about my journey ahead but I had ignored the signs i.e. being given the option to travel via a different route with clear roads; and the bus driver who had kept his doors closed and ignored me. It was so simple. What good is the benefit of hindsight if I don't put it into use? Aaargh!

Oh well, when one door closes, it's time to look for another door that's open. I decided to get off and walk to the end of the road. On my way, I noticed some police officers attending someone lying on the pavement. At the end of that road I caught another bus home without incident.

With the benefit of hindsight, hindsight can be rather annoying.


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