Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Being the Change I Want to See

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

On the bus I noticed a band of school kids and their teachers waiting at the next stop. Oh no, please don't let them get on this bus! My prayer wasn't answered on this occasion. Half of them got on board and they came upstairs, where I was sitting, and occupied all the empty seats. They were quite a rowdy bunch. A girl next to me was chatting nineteen to the dozen with another girl in the seat across. Instead of expecting the kids to meet my expectation of a quiet bus, I decided to spread my angelic wings.

What are my angelic wings?

My angelic wings are my aura which I can expand and contract at will. I expanded my wings of love-light to fill the bus. Now that the bus resonated with my love frequency, the kids no longer bothered me. I even asked the girl beside me where they were headed and she said the London Aquarium. No wonder they were so excited. Just before I got off at my stop I wished the girl a lovely time.

As I was walking down the banks of the river Thames, I came across various joggers. I noticed one jogger, with his eyes down, was fast approaching. Just as we were about to collide, I moved aside and let him pass. He didn't even look up.

I could have blamed the jogger for not paying attention to where he was going and nearly running me over. Why get the jogger to change when I can move out of harm's way?

I like an easy life, me. Instead of getting people to change, I find it a lot easier to be the change I want to experience.


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