Monday, 14 July 2008

Absence or Presence?

In any one moment I am either focused on Absence or Presence.

Let's say I'm waiting for a bus to arrive. When my attention is focused on Absence, I am very much aware that the bus is not there. Absence creates space between me and that which I'm waiting for. The space between myself and the object is the time it takes for the bus to arrive. I then start feeling impatient that the bus is taking ages, etc.

When my attention is focused on Presence, I am not focused on the bus' absence but on what is already present. Sometimes I focus on other buses. Other times I people-watch or even have conversation with other passengers. Sometimes I fantasise about stuff, remember things I love, or ponder about ideas. I even imagine myself already at my destination. Then I'm no longer feeling any passage of time or space between me and the bus. When my bus arrives it seems to happen in no time at all, which is true as there is no time in Presence.

Speaking of which, while I was waiting at a bus stop the other evening, I checked the digital bulletin to see which bus was coming first. It said the first one wasn't due until 8 minutes. Then I heard a little boy, about three years old, calling the bus. He kept saying "Bus! Bus! Bus!" My attention was then distracted from the waiting/absence of the bus to the boy. We couldn't help but giggle. The boy didn't stop calling until the first bus arrived. According to the bulletin we still had another 3 minutes of waiting time for the first bus to arrive. However, the first bus that arrived was another route which wasn't listed on the bulletin. It would seem that the boy had focused on the presence of a bus. By calling on a bus to arrive, the little boy had called forth a bus in no time.

I have a friend I don't see that often, maybe once every few months or even longer. Because I feel my friend's presence around me i.e. I see things that remind me of him, I don't get a sense of being separated from him at all. So when we do meet up in person, it's as if I only saw him yesterday. In other words, no time has passed at all because we were never apart anyway.

Instead of focusing on what I believe I don't have which creates frustration and a sense of separation, I prefer to focus on Presence i.e. how much I love. Then what I've been dreaming about experiencing unfolds perfectly in no time.

Loving the Presence.

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